Life is it drenched in ART!

Monochromatic is highly overrated!

Custom Tile in Colorado

Our names are Michael and Nancy Linsley and we have been collaborating in ceramic art for over 20 years. You can read more about us and what others are saying about us here, but right now, we’ll bet you’re wondering…

“Why should I consider custom architectural art in the functional spaces of my home or business when there are so many nice options “out-of-the-box?”

Have you noticed how every high end home you see in magazines looks the same? There’s no personality anymore. Just neutral tones and “me too” trends. Sure they’re beautiful, but they don’t say anything about the people living in them. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ll save you trouble by letting you know you’re in the wrong place. We strive to create personal architectural art for your home that represents you and/or your story. You won’t see anything like it in any other space anywhere…we promise.

The next logical question is “Will you be able to create a design that best represents me?”

That’s a great question…and the answer is probably “yes” because that’s really the whole point. After years of working with clients who want something exceptionally designed and completely unique, we’ve developed our personalized process to help us uncover exactly the right design. Want contemporary? Abstract? Southwestern? Something that just doesn’t fit in a defined box? We’ll ensure that you end up with a functional masterpiece you’ll be excited to introduce to everyone you know!

That said, if we don’t feel we’re the right fit for your architectural art project we’ll let you know and try to find a better fit for you.

Call us today at 949-338-7436 to learn more about creating your personal masterpiece