Art Drenched Process...

We don't just make it up as we go along.

This is no cookie-cutter process…

Creating custom architectural art that is both fine art and functional is a complex, co-creative dance between us, you and the other design professionals involved in the construction of the structure itself.


Here’s a snapshot of our process:

We find it’s often helpful for you to understand how we help you tell your story through your architectural art.


art-drenched-life-faviconYour project begins with an initial meeting with us and any associated design partners to discover the physical and esthetic requirements of the project, the emotional feeling-tones of the experience of the space, the color palette and the driving concept of the piece itself.

art-drenched-life-faviconWe conduct a detailed site review, capturing images of everything conceptually and artistically linked to the project.

art-drenched-life-faviconWhere possible, we compile a list of words that you’d use to describe the emotions and actions that you want for your space.

art-drenched-life-faviconNext, we define the physical requirements of the project: actual fired and finished dimensions, characteristics such as thermal mass, light and shadow play, and integration with other physical components in the project, as well as paying close attention to the mechanics of installation and long-term maintenance. Unusually in the art world, we are very focused on the long term structural integrity, longevity and maintenance of our projects.

art-drenched-life-faviconYour schedule is set and approved. We are very sensitive to the importance of schedule and deliverables, quality and reliability, and project management issues in a complex multi-disciplinary work environment.

Working very closely with construction professionals such as contractors, framers, finishers and kitchen and bathroom firms we ensure a seamless integration of your architectural art into the project. Our goal is for the entire team (you and all associated professionals) to celebrate the beauty and joy of the finished product. We go for “Wow!”

As an added note to the symphony of the entire project, we also provide our clients with a hardback “making of” photo book that describes the entire process from inception to completion. This is our way of expressing our gratitude for the opportunity to create fun and functional art, and gives our clients something to share with their friends, to discuss and describe their experience.

Process of Inspiration

Once we have gathered requirements and aspirations, we turn to the process of inspiration. We digest the information we have collected and create preliminary designs to submit to our clients for their approval. Using their feedback, we create increasingly detailed design specifications using computer-aided design programs in an iterative process that refines colors, finishes and design details. In this way, our clients have a clear view of the project before it even begins.

The Perfect Fit

Many tile installations proceed from a bottom-up process with final tile cut to fit the space on site. Our installations, by contrast, are designed to fit the spaces precisely; the tiles and grout are calculated to fit even after the shrinkage of the materials in the firing process. The integrity of the design is preserved without any need to modify it at installation time.