Kaleidoscope executed in 3 dimensions

Corona Del Mar Kaleidosculpture

Kaleidosculpture is the idea of a kaleidoscope executed in 3 dimensions. Instead of a geometry created by mirrors in 2 dimensions, we present a geometry of replication in 3 dimensions; and just as the movement of a kaleidoscope’s mirrors create infinite variations of shape and color, Kaleidosculpture shows the infinite possibilities of rotating a variety of brightly colored shapes through space. The originality of this concept is even further emphasized by the unique juxtaposition of materials: steel and ceramics, unusual partners in art. This courtyard installation was to be viewed both from the inside of the house and from the pool and hot tub. It evoked its beach city location in the sail-like shapes of the ceramic tiles. By locating it in a corner, we were able to use the movement of the sun to create a secondary art form composed of shadow that tracked the original across the walls. At night, it was dramatically illuminated from below to throw other striking shadows. To progress from one side of the courtyard, through its center, to the other side was to begin with a sparse sprinkling of color, move into a rich and dazzling display of colors and forms, and then to arrive at a mirror image of the starting point.

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