Vibrant "Farm Fields" at The Organic Dish

The Design Sketch

Drew Sorrels – Director of Fun

Installing the tile

Farm Fields

This tile piece was designed for the front counter wall at The Organic Dish Restaurant in Boulder. The co-creative team included Drew Sorrels, our client, who, as well as being Director of Fun at the restaurant, is also a professional interior designer. Our challenge was to complement the vibrant, eclectic and colorful interior space with an equally colorful design that evoked the farm fields that their all-organic produce came from. We started with a small aerial photograph of some European fields and extrapolated a larger design to fill the entire wall. We scaled the design so that the product would fit exactly after shrinkage during firing and had great fun choosing colors and their distribution throughout the piece. If you soft-focus your eyes, the design suggests an infinity symbol across its width, a little bit of serendipity that adds a symbolic touch!

Please go check out the design in the space and enjoy some delicious organic food at The Organic Dish (3117 28th St, Boulder, CO)!

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