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San Juan Capistrano Kaleidosculpture

San Juan Capistrano Kaleidosculpture

This piece was commissioned for an outdoor location, a large and extensively landscaped property with abundant and varied plant life. It was our challenge to design a piece that not only fit this remarkable environment, but also echoed and complemented it. The actual installation was to be placed inside an existing fire pit, ringed with stone, thereby tying the piece to the other stone and boulder shapes around it.

Taking shapes from the cactus garden and trees around the site, as well as colors from the flowering plants visible nearby, we designed a spiral structure that could be seen from any vantage point on the property, inside or out. The design provides a completely different look from every angle. Simply moving around the piece, even slightly, changes perspectives in such a way that the very character of the piece changes. The design of the ceramic pieces suggests movement even more with their finlike shapes cutting through the air around them. Even the spiral structure imbues the piece with a rising, turning energy as the eye traces the relationships of the forms up and around.

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