More than meets the eye...

“Wakey-Wakey” Shower Tile Installation

This shower for a guest room is intended to be a fun and energizing experience. Its geometric pattern repeats 5 times horizontally, and is mirrored vertically between its 2 walls. It is designed to fit a standard shower enclosure with the tiles made as an exact fit with no need to trim them into place. We defy anyone to use this shower without a smile. It is paired with a deep blue sink that is one of the colors in the shower design.

The Challenge

Take a standard off-the-shelf shower enclosure and turn it into a work of art that’s a pleasure to inhabit.

The Solution

Use computer aided design to create a lively and vibrant geometric pattern that’s both repeating and mirrored and then use the computer to scale the design to account for the shrinkage rate of the clay and the thickness of the grout so that the design is installed whole, as a perfect fit, and doesn’t require any cutting.

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