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Your Story…Told Uniquely and Artistically

Our goal in co-creating a work of functional art with you is to help you articulate your story within the context of where you live. We may seek to embed verbal messages directly in the art or we may hide aspirational and emotional words and phrases in inaccessible places within the art, such as the back of tiles, the underside of sinks or other hidden places that only the clients know exist. We may impress explicit sayings, quotations or narratives on the surface of tile projects, or we may inscribe them only during the making process, forever to be hidden after installation.

We also seek to express something of the poetic feeling of your life through the environment you inhabit. Always, we will ask for input from you to explore and discover any deeper meaning you wish to express in your space: spiritual, literary, philosophical or ideational.

The Story Behind “At the Beach”

Expressing exactly what you want is our goal with your functional art pieces. So when we were commissioned to create “At the Beach” it was important to our clients that this piece reference the color palette of a favorite work of art inside their house. This was a painting of a Spanish Flamenco dancer featuring warm tones and strong black and red elements. Even though the painting did not share sight lines with the installation, the homeowners wanted a thematic connection through the color palette. And so the design featured focused red circles and tan backgrounds against strong black graphic design elements. They loved the final result.

Artful Storytelling…not Realism

If you want literal representations, we’re probably not a great fit for your project. Any good artist can do a realistic version of your vision but most of our clients want something more intriguing…and we’re happy to oblige! For this project our clients requested a piece that included references to the historic Mission, showed the famous swallows and bells, and strongly reflected the historic character of the town they reside in. Read more…

Ready to tell your personalized architectural design story? Please give us a call to learn more about our process and how we might be able to customize an architectural piece in your home that may mean more than meets the eye. Just complete the form or give us a call at 949-338-7436.

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